YFU Paraguay is looking for an intern!

YFU Paraguay is looking for an intern from July 2017 for a period of 6-12 months.

The role of the intern

As an intern in YFU Paraguay, you will be given a variety of tasks. This internship offers a great opportunity to learn more about and help develop one of the newest YFU organisations.

You will be working with the rest of the YFU team (including another intern) in the national office in Asunción. You are expected to be able to cooperate with the team, and be part of the team. With that said, you are also expected to be able to define your own projects and work independently.
Depending on your experience in YFU, you will mainly be working with the following:

  • Orientations and other activities for inbound students
  • Recruitment of outbound students and orientations for outbound students
  • Volunteer recruitment, volunteer trainings and other volunteer activities
  • Representing YFU at fairs or in schools in order to recruit exchange students and host families mainly in Asunción, but also in other areas of Paraguay
  • Independent projects by own initiative.

Welcome to the heart of South America!

As an intern in Paraguay, you will live with a host family. The family will be able to help you improve your Spanish, and they may even introduce you to the indigenous language of Guarani. In fact, Paraguay is the only country in South America to retain its native tongue: Guarani is an official language along with Spanish.

Furthermore you will be introduced to the many customs of Paraguay including the incredible foods such as Chipa, a cheese flavored roll, which is an all time favorite of the locals. You will also get to try tereré, a cold served sort of tea made with yerba mate.

The name Paraguay is derived from an ancient word in Guarani, and while no one knows the exact translation, many translate it as “many rivers” or “river of many inhabitants”. This is very lucky for the locals in Paraguay since it is a landlocked country! In fact, Paraguay has been named one of the world’s most upcoming countries to visit due to its many waterfalls. Although it is a small country, it is very proud and has a rich history as well as plenty of things to do.

To apply, please send your CVand motivation letter to pippu@yfu.org.py before 23 April 2017.

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