Working structures

In addition to the Board, EEE-YFU has several other volunteer structures which help provide additional human resources and expertise to its work.  

Steering Committee

The European Growth Initiative Steering Committee pilots the EEE-YFU's work to support growth in the network, specifically through social marketing.

Its members include:

  • Liliane Eggli (YFU Switzerland)
  • Joshua Beatty (International Secretariat)
  • Eylem Certel (YFU Turkey)
  • Ieva Dirvonskaite (YFU Lithuania)
  • Andre Haberzeth (YFU Germany)
  • Elmar Lammerskitten (YFU Germany)
  • Manon van Dorp (EEE-YFU)

Advocacy Advisory Team

The overall aims and mandate of the Advocacy Advisory Team are to increase the effectiveness of EEE-YFU in the field of advocacy through 1) counsel and advice on EEE-YFU’s advocacy strategy and planning; and 2) operational support on advocacy tasks.  In 2015 and 2016, the AAT will 1.) Develop a new Advocacy Strategy for EEE-YFU; 2.) Contribute to EEE-YFU advocacy work at European level, both planning and implementation; and 3.) Contribute to building the capacity of Member Organisations and volunteers in the field of advocacy.  Its members commit to serve in their role for a 2 year mandate.

Pool of Representatives

The Pool of Representatives (PoR) is a network comprising experienced volunteers from the YFU community, who contribute to developing EEE-YFU advocacy capacities. These volunteers participate in EEE-YFU's visibility at the European and international level since they represent the organisation within various events, seminars and platforms.

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Educational Advisory Team

The overall aims and mandate of the Educational Advisory Team will be to increase the quality, impact and relevance of EEE-YFU’s educational offer through involving experts from MOs and the IS in the planning of EEE-YFU educational activities. During 2015 and 2016, it will 1) Update/redefine EEE-YFU Educational Activities Strategy; 2) Evaluate and redefine types of EEE-YFU trainings on offer; 3) Set educational priorities for 2016-2017 (in 2015) in the fields of volunteer and leadership development, as well as challenges to an evolving European society; and 4) Provide input/ideas on educational activity communication and impact assessment work.

European Trainer Network

The European Trainer Network (ETN) is composed of trainers available to their national member organisations to organise trainings for trainers, staff and volunteers also at the European level. This body was originally created as a part of EEE-YFU Gothenburg Strategy, which addressed the need for an increase in quality trainers within the European YFU community.

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