YES 2017: Call for Heads of Tracks (HOTs)

yes-2017_-call_heads-of-tracksYour role in one sentence

All students will register to take part in one of the tracks during the YES. They will explore the YES topic from a different angle (track) – Arts, Organisation, Media, Diversity and Speech. The 5 HOTs will plan and oversee educational activities within their tracks, coordinate the Track Leaders (who implement workshops and sessions), and ensure that consistency and learning outcomes are met.

We expect from you

Plan coherent, relevant and engaging educational activities together with the Educational Activities’ Leaders. Coordinate effectively with the 5 Track Leaders, who will carry out workshops within your track.

You can expect from us

We promise a seminar where you can learn a lot, meet lots of new people and get the chance to bound together with the team of volunteers in a great environment.

YES 2017

The Young Europeans’ Seminar (YES) aims to contribute to the development of young global citizens through learning and volunteering together in a spirit of international friendship.
The Young Europeans’ Seminar is a yearly massive intercultural get-together for over 500 European exchange students at the end of their school year, all put together by a team of over 100 YFU volunteers. The YES is a unique opportunity to reunite with old friends from all over Europe and make new ones, creating a bridge between the exchange year and the return home. It’s a fun learning experience where students explore what it means to be a citizen of the world through diverse interactive learning activities. The international team of volunteers creates a unique spirit and an amazingly motivational experience for everyone at the YES.
“Think free. Act free. Be free!” is the topic of the YES 2017. This year we will focus on different aspects of freedom, such as but not limited to freedom of the press, speech, diversity, expression and assembly.
The YES 2017 aims to give participants the chance to explore and (re)discover the possibilities they are given by the freedoms they possess. It encourages the students to make use of their unique experiences and insights to enable positive change around the globe.
The YES 2017 will take place in Werbellinsee (Germany) from 26 to 30 June 2017. It is organized by EEE-YFU together with YFU Estonia and YFU Sweden, with the in-country support of YFU Germany.

What do you gain?

Participating at the YES as a volunteer is a truly rewarding experience. The seminar lasts for 4 days and there is so much you can gain:

  • Possibility to share your volunteer experience and get to know a lot of new people
  • Increasing skills in facilitating group work and learning processes of peer groups
  • Experience of working with YFU on an international level
  • Passing on the YFU spirit
  • Opportunity to be a part of the biggest YFU event in Europe and have a great time

Your role

The Heads of Tracks are at the core of the educational programme at the YES. They act as an intermediary between the Track Leaders, directly in charge of implementing educational activities, and the Educational Activities’ Leaders, who are in charge of structuring and overseeing all educational content.
As a Head of Track you will work closely with a team of 5 Track Leaders to design and implement relevant and engaging educational activities, related to the track you are working in (Arts, Organisation, Media, Diversity or Speech). You will ensure that the learning outcomes are defined and met.
We are looking for Arts, Organisation, Diversity and Speech Heads of Tracks, who will be joined by Heliis Nemsitsveridze from YFU Estonia who has already been selected as Media Head of Track.

What are the Tracks?

The Arts track is all about freedom of expression in culture and arts. Theater, art, dance etc. could be the focus of this creative track.
The Organisation track will focus on the freedom of association and assembly – to be allowed to organise and meet in groups for a common purpose, e.g. a business, club or other organisation.
The Diversity Track is about the freedom and rights of different minorities and social groups.
The Speech Track focuses on the freedom of speech and the skills of public speaking.
The Media Track is about the freedom of media and its power.

Your Tasks

You will work together with the Educational Activities’ Leaders to put together a consistent and well-structured planning of all activities in your track, while making sure that everything is in place and runs smoothly.
You must be prepared to actively engage in the educational activities of the students on your track at the YES 2017 along with the five Track Leaders.
Be ready to be involved in preparations some months before the event together with our Educational Activities’ Leaders.

Your profile

If you wish to be a Head of Track at the YES 2017, you should:

  • be fluent in English (German language is an advantage)
  • have specific expertise and competences and/or sound interest in one of the tracks (Arts, Organisation Diversity or Speech)
  • have experience in designing and leading educational activities
  • have experience in training, facilitating, or coaching
  • understand the YES vision and YFU core educational mission
  • be creative, inspired and proactive
  • be organised and able to coordinate a small team
  • be able to see the big picture, while keeping an eye on details
  • be member of the European Trainer Network (preferred)
  • have regular internet access and time to work with the team before the YES

Call for the Heads of Tracks can be downloaded here: YES 2017 Call for Heads of Tracks

You can apply here.

Deadline: 8 December, 2016

Questions? Ask Henri at  
Content Team Leader, YES 2017