#RecogniseStudyAbroad Goes to the European Parliament

recognisestudyabroad bresso-and-negrescu-european-parliamentOn 13 October 2016, EEE-YFU and its partners in the #RecogniseStudyAbroad Campaign held a debate in the European Parliament in the framework of the LLL week.  With stories and presentations shared from the perspectives of exchanges students, legislators, parents and educators, there was wide support for recognising school studies from other countries.  The campaign partners are excited to continue the campaign, taking on board proposals from MEP Mercedes Bresso and MEP Victor Negrescu.

MEPs suggest a Written Declaration to support the recognition of study abroad

Hosted by Italian MEP Bresso the debate focused on the need for EU member states to remove the obstacles to learning mobility at the secondary school level. MEP Bresso further stressed the crucial role of the educational exchanges in promoting European citizenship. The event was also attended by Romanian MEP Negrescu who shared his personal experience on difficulties in recognising his exchange year abroad.
Both MEPs who have previously endorsed the #RecogniseStudyAbroad Campaign suggested to start the process of a Written Declaration – an instrument of the European Parliament intended to raise awareness – on the topic of the recognition of school study periods abroad.

Campaign partners and supporters discuss lessons learned and future actions

Following the MEPs input, Davide Capecchi from the European Union – Council of Europe youth partnership, presented the current draft of the European Charter on Quality in Learning Mobility in the youth field. A presentation by Elisa Briga (EFIL) introduced the #RecogniseStudyAbroad Campaign to the audience. Caroline Kearney (KeyCoNet), Ferre Windey (OBESSU) and Eszter Salamon (EPA) subsequently discussed the importance of the campaign and possible future actions. A national perspective was provided by Olivier Joris from L’Office, who shared his experiences from France on the efforts to guarantee the recognition of study periods abroad. The debate was moderated by Brian Jurczik-Arnold, Director of EEE-YFU and Vice-President of the Lifelong Learning Platform.
The debate was organised by European Educational Exchanges – Youth For Understanding (EEE-YFU),  the European Federation for Intercultural Learning (EFIL), the Organising Bureau of School Students Unions (OBESSU) and the European Parents Association (EPA). Further support to organising the debate came from the Lifelong Learning Platform (LLLP), the European Youth Forum (YFJ) as well as the Youth Intergroup.