Today's Board of EEE-YFU is composed of 6 members from different YFU organisations across Europe. They typically meet two to four times a year in person and have monthly online meetings.

Marc Weiss, Chair

Marc Weiss

Marc Weiss has been contributing to the YFU community in different roles for the past 15 years. After his exchange year in New Zealand (1998) he became involved with YFU as a volunteer supporting host families, exchange students and especially other volunteers. Marc has become a dedicated and very capable trainer on a national and international level. In 2012 Marc was elected Member of the Board of EEE-YFU, becoming Chair of the Board at the European Conference in 2013.


Sara Brandt, Vice Chair

Sara BrandtSara Brandt has volunteered with YFU Denmark since she returned from her exchange to the United States in 2002/2003. She has been a central actor in EEE-YFU's Pool of Representatives (PoR) as a member of the Core Group, being involved in mentoring other members of the PoR and facilitating experience sharing and trainings. Concerning her implication and engagement with YFU Denmark, she has coordinated trainings, conducted interviews and been involved in advocacy and representation tasks. In March 2013, Sara was elected member of the Board of EEE-YFU, her second term began in 2016.   She has worked previously for Amnesty International's Human Rights Education Centre and currently works in the  the policy and research unit of CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation.

Liviu Grigorescu, Treasurer

Liviu GrigorescuLiviu Grigorescu has been a very valuable resource for YFU Romania since he returned from his exchange to Germany during the academic year 1995/1996. He has been long-term involved within the organisation contributing as a volunteer, trainer and board member. Since 2009, Liviu is Vice-President of YFU Romania. Regarding his commitment and implication with the organisation, he has helped to develop and promote YFU exchange programs especially in the private sector. In March 2013, Liviu was elected member of the Board of EEE-YFU. Apart from his work for the YFU European community, Liviu has a 10-year long professional experience as a senior consultant in the business sector.

Knut Möller

knut-moellerKnut Möller has been working for YFU for over 25 years. In his role as National Director, which he took over in 2000, he is responsible for the programmes of YFU Germany, and for the co-ordination of approximately 4,000 volunteers as well as 50 staff members in the national office of YFU Germany.

Knut has been one of the strategic drivers of YFU Germany, and contributes valuable insight and impulse to the strategic and structural development of the YFU network, quality management as well as the diversification of programmes outside the Western world. Since 2003 Knut has also been an board member of Arbeitskreis gemeinnütziger Jugendaustauschorganisationen (AJA).  AJA is the umbrella organisation of German non-profit exchange organizations. In April 2015, Knut was elected member of the Board of EEE-YFU.

Apart from his work, Knut is also an experienced YFU host father. His family hosted a student from the USA for one year and several students for a shorter time. Furthermore, both his daughter and his son went on YFU exchange. As his hobby he loves to play sports.

Gregory Matheson

Gregory Matheson YFUGregory Matheson is the current National Director for YFU France. Before joining YFU three years ago, he worked as General Director of an historical monument in the Loire valley, working with European, National and State Authorities for funding initiatives for heritage preservation and cultural development. He is currently the Chair of the board of the Association of l’Île aux Enfants, a non-profit organization working with rural and underserved communities to provide access to cultural and educational activities for youths across 16 communes in the centre of France. Gregory studied Law and European History at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Laura Gabriela Balanescu

Laura Gabriela Balanescu - Member of Board of EEE-YFULaura went in exchange to Germany over 20 years ago as part of the first Romanian YFU-exchange students. Since her return to Romania, she stayed involved at different levels, both national and international; she started volunteering in YFU Romania and kept being involved as board member and trainer, contributing directly to building up this organization from the very beginning. Since 2010 she is the National Director of YFU Romania.

At international level she has been involved since 2008, when she first started as EEE-YFU Board member and afterwards, for several years, she joined the YFU Training Academy. Since 2012 she is member in the International Advisory Council as an At-large Representative. 2015 she was elected as EEE-YFU Board member.

Besides her YFU involvement, Laura is a Sociologist and worked 10 years in the social research before coming to work in the office of YFU Romania. Her main professional interests were in the field of Sociology of Education, with focus on the access to education for children coming from deprived backgrounds.