2018 EEE-YFU Educational Activities Calendar

Welcome to the EEE-YFU 2018 Educational Activity overview!

This page is created for Member Organisations to have a clear overview of all educational activities that are currently planned, with links to calls, information about when calls will be issued, and who to contact for more information.

What? When? For Who? Application Application deadline Contact person
Let’s Grow Together Reloaded Let’s Plant! 17-22 April in Estonia

Let’s Harvest! 4-9 December

Volunteer leaders and co-ordinators; persons interested in developing volunteer regions LGTR Application 19 Feb 2018 marzena@eee-yfu.org
Bringing Stories to Light 9-16 September, Mollina, Spain Orientation leaders, Coloured Glasses Facilitators; Volunteers and staff interested in innovative educational methods Awaiting the grant decision TBD marzena@eee-yfu.org