Global Citizenship


In the current political context, where nationalism and populism are becoming more prominent, we need more than ever people who develop sense of global citizenship, in order to contrast discrimination and build peaceful and inclusive societies.

The process towards becoming a “global citizen” is never-ending and the acquisition of global citizenship competences is permanently on-going. Although, this should not prevent any of us from starting this brave and adventurous journey as aspirant global citizens.
The journey starts from bursting our own bubble, where we comfortably live, and challenge ourselves by getting exposed to new perspectives, ideas, and points of view. Once out of our own bubble, there are other bubbles to burst: those created by our peer-groups, by our community, by the media, and -in general- by the society we live in.
A global citizen not only understands the complexity and the different realities of the world, but is also ready to do something about that. Out of the bubble, a global citizen can make a change!

At Voluntaria 2017, we will stimulate critical thinking, share perspectives about global citizenship, and challenge ourselves to take actions that can have an impact at the local, national, and global level. We live in a globalised and interdependent world, where the local and the global are strongly connected. The struggle to promote understanding, peace, equity and justice starts from our “little worlds” and propagates beyond nations and borders.

Through plenary sessions, a variety of workshops, open space for projects’ ideas and other activities, Voluntaria’s participants will reflect on the implications of globalisation, discuss the role of YFU, and become aware of the crucial role they can play as global citizens and as YFU volunteers.