Open Space and Sharing

Open Space

In essence, Voluntaria is a unique opportunity for a large and diverse group of YFU volunteers to come together, network and share ideas.
To take full advantage of this and to give volunteers the possibility to make Voluntaria truly their own, we will offer three unique Open Space sessions during Voluntaria. These sessions will work as idea labs to discuss, develop and work on projects and ideas together, as well as a platform for you to take the learning and creation into your own hands.
The basic idea of Open Space is that simultaneously a wide variety of topics, proposed by the participants themselves, will be going on, and that in this the participants themselves choose the topic(s) that interest them the most. They are free to move around and can choose to stay at one topic during the entire session, or move more freely and take impressions from many different topics. This ensures that the participants focus on the topics that are closest to their hearts and matters most to them.

Got a burning YFU-related issue or a fantastic idea that you would like to discuss with other Voluntarians? Or are you not yet feeling inspired but know that all the fuel your inspiration needs is the Voluntaria fire?

Start thinking now about what you would like to discuss! No question is too large or too big. What will you bring to space?


How much do we actually know about other YFU organisations? Or even about ours that we volunteer for? The idea of the “Sharing” session is to provide everyone a better overview of the different YFU organisations right in the beginning of the programme, and thus enable more fruitful exchanges later on.