2016 Intercultural Education Symposium

“Developing Active Global Citizenship through Intercultural Education: A new path forward in uncertain times”

7 to 8 April 2016, Strasbourg

Intercultural dialogue and the need to deal with otherness are a fact of life in modern society, particularly in Europe. European societies, though constructed around the multicultural ideals of the 20th century, are having increasing difficulty in formulating, in educative and social policy, the principle of multiculturalism, as a result of the economic and societal pressures of the 21st century.

In order for our societies to remain or become increasingly open and cooperative it is vital to empower future generations with the tools and knowledge to appreciate cultural diversity as well as to contribute and benefit from multicultural societies through active global citizenship.

It is becoming increasingly clear that current policies and activities within intercultural education are insufficient. School systems in many European countries are beginning to place increased emphasis on the Intercultural Competence of pupils as a response to this need.

Yet, the challenge, both in scope and content, extends beyond the learning, which can reasonably be provided by the formal educational sector alone and ambitions and coordination remain diffuse at a national policy level.

Indeed, certain educative practices within the EU bring into stark relief the gap between policy and implementation. This symposium aims to provide insight, ideas, partnerships and a new path for actors from all sectors aiming to be active and trusted partners in the strengthening and adaptation of intercultural education.

Main themes

  1. Identifying Need for Intercultural Education and proficiency in the modern world
  2. Building partnerships to improve Intercultural Education
  3. Innovating approaches to Intercultural Education
  4. Assessing Intercultural Education and its Impact