Not Too Young to Remember 2016

Remembrance through space and time

not too youngExplore the issues of remembrance, European identity, and active citizenship with young people from all across Europe and beyond, for 5 days France !

You will move physically and through time from WWI and WWII monuments to a discussion on media and conflict in the 21st century.

You will Discover connections between past conflicts to today’s challenges, while being part of a truly Diverse and international group. We promise a unique exchange, through which you will Develop ideas, friendships and critical thinking!

Key information

2000px-Île-de-France_in_France.svgLocation:  Ile-de-France Region (North of Paris and in Paris)

Dates: 17-23 April 2016

Participants: YFU students and their friends

Arrangements: travels will be arranged by the organisers; each group will travel from and to its country of current residence with an adult facilitator.

Organisers: EEE-YFU and YFU France

The programme

notooyoungThe exchange will combine visits to monuments and museums, workshops, role plays, meeting with historians and journalists, reflection groups, and entertaining activities.

programme france