Global Citizenship Campaign: Actions speak louder than words

global-citizenshipGlobal Citizenship Campaign – what does it mean?

A big part of the ‘Citizenship’ aspect of being a Global Citizen means being an active citizen – and what better way for YFU to develop that learning by doing!

In at least 10 countries, YFUers will organise small projects that reach out to the public as part of a Global Citizenship Campaign, raising the visibility of YFU AND the importance of intercultural and global competences.


In order to create even more impact and encourage YFU organisations to practically work with Global Citizenship Education and start including it more in their work, EEE-YFU aims to organise a Global Citizenship Campaign in autumn 2017. EEE-YFU would like to focus on those aspects which are closest to YFU mission and vision, namely: Human Rights & Social Injustice, Identity and Cultural diversity, as well as responsibilities of a Global Citizen.

The Global Citizenship campaign be a public outreach campaign, reaching the general public of local communities where there are YFU chapters. It will be volunteer-led and shaped, piloted by a Core Campaign Team, and given energy through the training of 15 volunteers in Global Citizenship Education, Leadership, and Campaigning during the Changemakers Academy. A campaign website, toolkit and promotional materials will be developed by the Core Campaign Team to support the campaign as it is put into place locally.

The Global Citizenship Campaign activities will take place in autumn 2017, between October and December 2017 in at least 10 different countries.

The Campaign is made possible thanks to the funding of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe

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