The Voluntarian #4


The Voluntarian #4


Open Space – where do we go from here?

The fourth and final day at Voluntaria 2016 started out with smiles and sunshine, as the participants chose from a Motivation workshop, Forum Theatre and a participant led Salsa workshop. With new energy the majority of the participants continued on with the Open Space, making their ideas and YFU dreams a reality. In this session the different groups presented their projects, what the next steps will be and who they need to make it reality. Many projects and topics had been presented such as a energizer database, YFU response to sexual harassment and volunteer exchanges. These are some of the projects that have are close to our volunteers hears and they have often used breaks, lunches and evening free- time to get a bit further and share more ideas.

Theatre of the oppressed

In Forum Theatre we witnessed two different plays that both focused on one important challenge in our society: discrimination and school bullying. After the plays were presented once, they were played again and the audience had the opportunity to step in at any time they wanted and change the course of the play. The participants used some ideas they had gotten in other workshops or plenary sessions and came up with many good solutions for the problems.

Be the change- YFU mission

After an acting session we all took a lovely walk down to the beach and had a group picture taken. We also had our final Czechcircles to reflect on everything that has happened and gather direct feedback about the programme. The evening continued with yet another plenary session. Our amazing guest speaker Mads-Erik received a standing ovation after giving a speech that touched many volunteers heart. He talked about what it really means to give your time towards YFUs mission and try to make a difference one step at a time.

An emotional closure

The plenary ended with a nice walk down the memory lane and the participants were guided through the entire programme one step at a time. They had the opportunity to think about what they have gained during their stay in Czech Republic and how could they put that into use once back in their home countries. There were smiles and tears in the end and that was the final confirmation for us, the organizing team, that we did the right thing with Voluntaria.

The last part of the evening was a nice Voluntaria party with karaoke, many fun games and interesting chats. Some even stayed up until 6am to send off the first people leaving!

Future Voluntarians?

This was the last Voluntarian for this year. We hope that we were able to give you some insight into what Voluntaria is really all about. Instead of reading this, how about next year you join us and experience everything in real life?


Until next time!

The Voluntarian