Call for Prep Team


Voluntaria 2017 - Call for Prep Team Members

Your Role

The Prep Team will be the heart and soul of Voluntaria. They will work together and support the leadership and co-ordination of the logistics team and a team of trainers. In addition, the Prep Team will be supported by the Secretariat of EEE-YFU.

Specific Tasks

  • Sets in place overall framework with EEE-YFU
  • Works to define content of the event, including workshops, free-time activities, plenary sessions, etc. within the framework set by EEE-YFU
  • Promotes and communicates about Voluntaria
  • Leads and liases with the Frenchstylers Logistics Team
  • Manages participant communication, including registration
  • Liaises and leades trainer’s team
  • Liaises with EEE-YFU Secretariat
  • Evaluates and reports on Voluntaria


There will be a lot of preparation work done individually, online and through one in-person meeting in the France. The team will decide together on how to divide responsbilities according to the interests and talents of its members. There will also be support from the EEE-YFU Secretariat.


As a member of the Prep Team, you will have a large amount of space for creativity and putting into practice your ideas with volunteers from other countries. Aside from creating new friendships from accross Europe, you’ll also get the chance to improve all kinds of skills involved in organising a large event for volunteers. Plus, you might even get a special free t-shirt!

What is Voluntaria?

The idea for Voluntaria originated with some YFU volunteers during a EEE-YFU training course in Turkey in the end of February 2014. They realized that what we were missing is a European gathering of experienced YFU volunteers; out of this grew Voluntaria 2016, an amazing event that gathered over 70 YFUers in Czech Reupblic.

Czech out the video from Voluntaria 2016!

Each year’s Voluntaria has a specific theme. In late 2015, YFU’s Vision for a “peaceful world with responsible and global citizens” was adopted. So, in order to support developing YFU’s expertise to be fit for mission, Voluntaria 2017’s theme will be Global Citizenship.

Some of the more specific needs addressed by Voluntaria include:

  • need to motivate volunteers and help them see a bigger picture
  • need to develop European networking through increased sharing and exchange
  • need for more learning opportunities for volunteers to increase their YFU skills

Aim - What is the Voluntaria Effect?

Voluntaria aims to celebrate volunteering and further develop and connect a vibrant international YFU movement with individuals who are committed to develop and live the YFU mission.
It’s objectives will be to:

  • provide space for volunteers to have fun and be creative together
  • create value-based activities to motivate and inspire volunteers and celebrate volunteering
  • create a YFU movement by connecting volunteers so they can contribute to unifying some network processes and foster more communication among grass roots volunteers
  • increase knowledge about the YFU network and inspire people to challenge paradigms and have an outward looking mindset
  • create a self-directed space for learning, creation, fun and fostering new emergent projects

Theme-related objectives

  • help develop YFU’s expertise in Global Citizenship Education
  • contribute to preparing a Global Citizenship Campaign and inspire new volunteers to become involved
  • reach out to the local community through a Forum Theatre play on social issues

When & Where?

15 - 20 August 2017 | France

Who’s Coming to Voluntaria?

  • primarily volunteers who are experienced in YFU (2 years at least) who are nominated by their national organisations
  • volunteers of all ages
  • some international participants possible if there is interest
  • around 100 participants

Competences and Background Sought for the Prep Team

Core profile and competences looked for in all team members:

  • be familiar with non-formal education practices and methodology;
  • be able to organise, plan ahead and manage multiple tasks at the same time;
  • be able to invest a lot of time and energy in the preparation of Voluntaria;
  • be excited to create
  • be fluent in English.

Useful competences looked for when putting together a balanced team

  • communications experience/background;
  • trainer background;
  • have previous experience in similar types of events (e.g. Voluntaria 2016, the YES);
  • team leadership experience;

We also look for the team to have a good gender and geographical balance. We will specifically look to recruit one volunteer from YFU France to be the leader of the Frenchstyler team.

Deadline for applications is 24 January 2017.

Voluntaria 2017 Prep Team Application Form