The Voluntarian #2

Inspiring Guest Speakers

The second day of Voluntaria was filled with interesting workshops, good vibes and sunshine! We started the day off with an interesting panel discussion with three guest speakers. Firstly, Mathias Ghesquiere discussed the topic of the refugee crises and his work as a protection officer in the Belgian asylum agency. Secondly, Mads-Erik Bjering Schionnemann gave an amazing speech about YFUs role in the 21st Century Challenges, what YFU has done up until now and what we could/should do in the future. Finally, Pavel Fischer talked about trust in our society both in local and global level. After the presentations the panel was opened for discussion and the participants were very active in addressing all members of the panel.


Workshops – from Ethics to Improv Theatre

The day continued with a variety of workshops. The participants had the opportunity to choose between Community Transformation, Visual Facilitation, Ethics and Improv Theatre. If you wish to find out more about the content of each workshop, feel free to czech (!) out our website And let`s not forget that the theatre workshop was facilitated by a participant and it was a huge success!

During lunch time many of the participants met by the pool or played volleyball, had a water balloon fight and a music quiz to recharge their batteries and prepare themselves for the upcoming Coloured Glasses session where the new framework was presented. The participants had the opportunity to try out some of the new CG simulations first hand.

Open Space Idea Development

The content of the final session of the day was designed by the participants themselves. During an Open Space session they had the possibility to come up with topics relevant to them which they would like to further discuss with other participants. There were all together thirteen different discussion rounds on YFU-related topics and we are interested to see how many of them wish to continue developing their ideas during the next Open Space session!

An Evening Surprise (Gossip Included)

The perfect ending for the perfect day was the surprise that was organized by the team for the participants. It was a nice bonfire evening with marshmallows, good music, interesting talks and quality gossip which was killed with fire. The Voluntarian will be back with another report tomorrow!