Identity & Cultural Diversity 

We all live our lives thinking that our choices are purely a result of our free will. We do not often think that what really makes us do something might be actually triggered by one of our identity components. A journey from the definition of identity, self and collective identity to the impacts of them to our decisions – this session will help volunteers better understand what actually makes up an identity, whether it be a co-volunteer, exchange student or a “regular Joe”.



Social Justice & Human Rights

Although universally accepted, human rights are interpreted and practiced in different ways in and around our homelands. There may be universal organizations to protect the human rights yet what are they and are they enough? Where and how our rights are violated and how can we put an end to the violations? This workshop will serve as an introduction to Human Rights Education and a platform to discuss how YFU volunteers can get involved.


Global Citizenship vs. Colored Glasses  

This workshop will make the notion of global citizenship clear as well as explain how one can be an active part of it as a global citizen. Using our energy, power and opportunities it is possible to share one’s prior experiences and knowledge and thus make a difference. Maybe through Colored Glasses workshops? This session will help you do just that.


50 Shades of Democracy 

This workshop will focus on democracy in practice and its understanding. Participants will discuss how that understanding changes from one country to another as well as what happens when its core elements are being stripped away.


Gender Roles & Stereotypes 

Socially constructed norms rule our everyday life. Gender roles, starting from the day our genders are known, are perhaps one of the most influential factors when it comes to a variety of decisions, from what color to pick to the way we express our feelings. Let us discover what are gender roles, what they put us through and how we can cope with all that!


PDOs & PEOs Improved 

During this workshop we will talk about why and how we do PDOs and PEOs, and how we can improve them. We will discuss the needs of the students prior to and after their exchange, and how we as volunteers can meet these needs in the best way possible.


Volunteer Trainings 

How do we keep our volunteers motivated and ready to take on responsibilities? Through education and bonding. We’ll shed some light on local volunteer trainings, create workshop ideas with you, share your creativity, and learn something new from the different YFU organisations.


Volunteer Organization 

“If you hire people just because they can do a job, they will work for your money. But if your hire people who believe what you believe they´ll  work for you with blood, sweat and tears”- Simon Sinek.

The Golden Circle shows us how great leaders are able to inspire action and it all starts with WHY; your purpose, cause or belief. Join us on a journey to explore how this powerful theory is relevant in YFU – a volunteer based organization – and hopefully arrive at key realization, shedding new light together on one of the most commonplace, and yet somehow eluding concepts in YFU.


The Volunteer Career Path

An organization’s mission is like a horizon, as it must always remain out of grasp. I believe that continuously expanding and advancing our own is only possible by making sure that our organisational structures and volunteer networks, locally and internationally, are strengthened by volunteers having opportunities for constant learning and personal growth.

Through your contributions and thrilling discussions, this workshop will effectively tackle the two overarching and fundamental concepts of volunteer structures and career paths.


Social Media & Branding 

In order to increase the global competitiveness, YFU has launched the new brand in 2015. On our way to building a strong global organisation, we need your help in our YFU brand being consistent, while using the latest tips and tricks online! If you are interested in learning how to use the YFU’s colour and logo, avoid typical branding mistakes and reach out different kinds of target groups while building trust on social media, then this workshop is a #PerfectMatch for you!


Visual Facilitation 2.0 

The aim of this workshop is to provide participants with a set of skills necessary to create beautiful and eye-catching visual aids for their workshops. If you’d like to learn how to visualise your thoughts and use memorable symbols colors, this workshop is for you!

NOTE: This workshop requires prior basic knowledge of visual facilitation.


Forum Theatre

Forum Theatre, a branch of the “Theatre of the Oppressed”, originating from Augusto Boal, is a theatre-related activity which empowers people to stand up for themselves and change their surrounding world. Joining this workshop will allow you to discover the magic of Forum Theatre and all its implications – you will get a chance to become actors, learn how to build the dramaturgy, experience bodywork exercises and rehearsal techniques, and finally – perform real life stories in front of others. This multi-day workshop will let you learn how to work with Forum Theatre to address discrimination, social inequality and oppression and turn spectators into spectActors of their own lives.

No prior experience in acting is needed!



An exchange year is a time to discover yourself. Sometimes students discover their LGBTI*Q+ identity. This workshop aims to look at areas where it is important for YFU to be aware of LGBTI*Q+ participants. Further it will be a platform to share ideas that already exist in countries and think about how we can cooperate internationally to assure the best support during the whole exchange experience.