The Fun Concept

When you take a look at the programme, you will note the absurdly long lunch breaks, which were very much on purpose. The part where two and a half hours of the schedule everyday is dedicated to a midday food bonanza and worship of the sun?

That is very much on purpose.

We in the prep team are firm believers in the power of the unplanned magic; the fact that many of the best discussions and brightest ideas are happening outside of the regular workshop sessions. So why not, for once, let this philosophy take precedence and truly take the time to take the time?

And don’t worry, if you in any way doubt that you’ll be having a hard time to find something to do during these breaks, rest assured that that probably won’t be the case.

Except for the already planned Fun sessions that you’ve had the opportunity to sign up for, there will definitely be the opportunity for more FUN during the days. Since we believe that Voluntaria is about the participants and what they choose to make of it, we don’t want to tell you what to do with your time. You know this better than anyone yourselves. We will merely provide you with the platform and some of the tools to be creative and to really get to know the other participants.

Let us know if you have suggestions of Fun Activities you want to have at Voluntaria! You can write to Caroline ( and/or let us know via the registration form that you will be asked to fill in in the month before Voluntaria.

At the venue we have a Voluntaria info desk / chillout lounge, where you’ll be able to spontaneously organise and sign up for the activities you want to participate in.

Excited yet? We know we are!