Regional Trainings for Orientation Leaders – Creating the Ripple Effect

 training-volunteers-regionalThree Regional Trainings which will focus on the LOOP and YFU Orientations will spread the ripple effect of the Changemakers Academy and the new YFU Orientations Anthology & LOOP Manual.


Regional trainings will be a way to multiply the learning gained by the participants of the Educational track of Changemakers Academy and spread it further.

Those trainings will not only be a possibility to increase the YFU organisations’ cross-border co-operation on training; they will also be an excellent way to strengthen the volunteer network of YFU, to create opportunities to practice training skills for the participants of Changemakers Academy and to familiarise more and more YFU organisations with the new YFU Educational Goals, refreshed LOOP and the new global vision of YFU with the emphasis on Global Citizenship Education.

Regional trainings will be organised for neighbouring or otherwise regionally co-operating countries and will gather 20-25 participants at each event. The foreseen timeframe is October – December 2017. The participants of regional trainings will use as an educational resource the YFU Orientations Anthology & LOOP Manual.

These trainings are made possible thanks to the funding of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe

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