Shifting the paradigm with the Shift! Training for Trainers


Shift! Training for Trainers – new approach and new themes

Since the intercultural field is always evolving, new ways of approaching intercultural education are needed, including the issues of discrimination and equality, imbalance of power, social injustice, and human rights.

The shift of approach is needed, where we focus also on those who in intercultural situations suffer from bias, stereotyping and systemic exclusion.

Such changes will bring YFU up to date with various educational frameworks proposed by actors such as the Council of Europe, UNESCO and the OECD and will consolidate and strengthen our intercultural expertise. The above-mentioned topics happen to be also the new themes in the Coloured Glasses Manual revised in 2o16. Thus, the participants of this training course will essentially increase the capacity of YFU to deliver workshops addressing new topics!

Training Details

The Training for Trainers Shift will take place from 21-28 May 2017. It will get together 25 potential and experienced trainers from YFU organisations in order to develop skills and competences which are needed to ensure a high level of quality when using non-formal education.

The main aim is to train multipliers that will be able to deliver workshops and activities addressing social inequalities as well as raising awareness of the imbalance of power and its consequences, encouraging young people to act against all forms of discrimination. While new trainers will develop their skills in designing, planning and evaluating educational sessions as well as managing group dynamics, more experienced trainers will have a chance to further practice their facilitating skills, learn to work with the Theatre of the Oppressed and Outdoor Education methods.

Participants of this training course will be encouraged to join the European Trainer  Network – the EEE-YFU pool of trainers.

The Call for members of Shift! Trainer Team open until January 9. You can find a Word version of the call here

Please note that the correct alternative dates of preparation meeting are 3-5 or 10-12 March (not February)

This training is made possible thanks to the funding of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe

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