YFU Orientations Anthology & LOOP Manual – creating a New Chapter

manual-creationYFU Orientations? LOOP? New Educational Goals of YFU? Global Citizenship Education? How does it link together? – in the YFU Orientations Anthology & LOOP Manual!

With a new Vision and Educational Goals, the LOOP needs updating and further dissemination. We’ll be working to gather all the great activities and orientations practices, updating the LOOP and putting it all together in the Manual.

How will the work on the Manual be organised?

The working process, meant to be highly participative and globally collaborative, is planned to start in March, in order for the Manual to be ready for the autumn 2017 for regional trainings, as an essential educational resource.

The first step for the Editorial Team, which will be composed of international team members (we are still looking for International Team members!), will be to revise the LOOP (Learning Outcomes for Orientation Programmes) and align it with the new Educational Goals and global vision of YFU. They will also critically look at the LOOP and identify where it is not congruent with the new YFU Educational Goals.

The Editorial Team will also design a highly collaborative online process for gathering and revising orientations from the whole YFU network, including organisations outside of Europe, as we would like the Manual to be used by the whole YFU community. The contributions from all corners of the world will be welcome!

As a result, EEE-YFU aims to produce the YFU Orientations Anthology & LOOP Manual that reflects best practices and ideas from around the world, catalogued according to the refreshed LOOP, aligned with YFU Educational Goals and enhanced with Global Citizenship components.

The Call for Editorial Team of YFU Orientations Anthology & LOOP Manual is still open. The call in the Word format can be found here

Creation of the Manual is made possible through the funding from the Council of Europe

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