YFU Azerbaijan

YFU Azerbaijan

In 2009, with the help of YFU Germany, four Azerbaijani students went to study in Germany for the first time. Since then, 39 students went to study abroad with the support of YFU. In 2012, YFU Azerbaijan was officially founded and now it’s continuing toYFU Azerbaijan - Exchange student with host family at the arrival create partnerships with other YFU organisations.

Studying in Azerbaijan

Secondary education in Azerbaijan is divided into:

  • General education which takes two years and is dedicated to students with ages between 15 and 17.
  • Vocational/technical education which takes three years and is dedicated to students with ages between 15 and 18 year old.

At the end of either programme, the students receive a certificate or diploma.

Contact the YFU Azerbaijan team to find out more details about the amazing opportunity of studying in Azerbaijan. Don’t miss out on an amazing journey!

About Azerbaijan

The Republic of Azerbaijan, situated at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, has a population of almost 10 million inhabitants. The country represents a mix of modern cities and archaic villages, with a culture influenced by Islamic and European countries. This is why the official language is Azerbaijani but Russian and Turkish are also widely spoken. The economy depends on oil, natural gas and agriculture. Food is an important part of the culture with delicious dishes. Family represents the basic social structure in the country, with traditional role as the man being the bread-winner and the woman taking care of the domestic aspect of their life.  

Did you know?YFU Azerbaijan - Exchange students in carrousel

  • Tea is the most popular drink in Azerbaijan. Traditionally served in a pear shaped glass, the drink is often consumed through lumps of sugar or jam, held in the mouth.
  • The capital, Baku, used to serve as one of the important commercial centers on the Silk Road, from Europe to China.
  • Soup, often made with meat and sheep fat, is considered to be a staple of Azerbaijani cuisine.

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