YFU Bulgaria

YFU Bulgaria

YFU Bulgaria was founded in 1998 when the first 20 students left for Germany, and it was registered as an independent Bulgarian non-profit organization in 2001. Since then YFU Bulgaria has sent more than 250 outbound students to: Germany, USA, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Argentina, Austria, Hungary, Latvia and hosted inbound students from: Germany, Estonia, Latvia and Thailand.

Studying in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has many specialized secondary schools that place an emphasis on a particular language, science and/or mathematics, sports or arts. Many schools in Bulgaria (especially in the capital, Sofia) often operate in ‘shifts’, which means that students attend school from early morning to early afternoon for the first semester and early afternoon to the evening for the next semester. All available programmes are dedicated to high school students for one academic year from mid-September until the end of June. There is also the possibility of a short-term exchange in Bulgaria, with the 3-2-1 Christmas Program in conjunction with YFU Romania and YFU Serbia.

About Bulgaria

The Republic of Bulgaria is a country in southeastern Europe with a rich culture and traditions. Bulgarian, the official language, uses the Cyrillic alphabet and is spoken by 7.5 million Bulgarians. They are friendly and hospitable people, always enjoying a good time with their friends. Fun activities include hiking in the mountains or sunbathing at the seaside, going out or preparing barbeques. Family is very close and important and parents get very involved in their children’s’ lives.

Did you know?

  • Bulgarians shake their heads for yes and nod for no.
  • Bulgaria was once home of the Thracians, and the hero called Spartacus was born there.
  • The famous Bulgarian rose-oil is a component of French and of other world-famous perfumes and creams.


Contact information

YFU Bulgaria is registered at: Bul. Vasil Aprilov 3, 1504 Sofia, Bulgaria.

Office - Sofia
Address: Bul. Tsar Liberator 8, Et 5,
Sofia 1000,

Tel: +359 2 470 65 27; +359894734129
E-mail: info@yfu.bg

Office - Stara Zagora
Address: St. Nikola Ganchev 56, fl. 2,
Stara Zagora 6000,

Tel: +359 42230329, +359885248171
Email: Sevdalina Zlatev - sevda.zlateva@yfu.bg