YFU Denmark

YFU Denmark

The first Dane went on exchange in the summer of 1960. The YFU Denmark was founded in 1961 and has since exchanged nearly 10,000 young Danes in cooperation wi t YFU Denmarkh YFU international partners. YFU Denmark is divided into 17 regions and each region has contact p e rsons that have either been exchange students themselves or a host parent.

Studying in Denmark

Education in Denmark is free and government funded. High school usually takes two to four years and is attended by students between the ages of 15 and 20. The high school system is divided in three different types of schools:

  • general with programmes that are academically oriented
  • business with a range of both commercial and general subjects
  • technical or vocational, which are more practically oriented, training students for jobs like artisans or clerks.

You will attend one of the programmes detailed above or you could chose between a music or energy programme, depending on your studies and competencies. Find out more about the country and the exchange programme by contacting the YFU Denmark team.

About Denmark

The Kingdom of Denmark consists of a peninsula and over 400 islands that host a population of 5.5 million Danes. Denmark is positioned in the Northern Europe and has a temperate climate. The country is relatively small but its inhabitants are joyful, laid-back and tolerant. The Danes are avid readers and football (soccer) lovers and enjoy going to the beacYFU Denmark exchange studentsh during the summer days and staying inside during the winter months, baking and lighting candles while spending precious time with their family and friends. Danes enjoy a green lifestyle and a balanced work and personal life. Families have a close and confidential relationship and every member contributes to the household chores.

Did you know?

  • Danes have a special word "hygge" for that cozy feeling of togetherness. It means relaxing in great company.
  • LEGO is actually Danish.
  • No place in Denmark is more than 30 miles (50 km) from the sea.

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