YFU Finland

YFU Finland

YFU Finland is a non-profit organization founded in 1958. Since then, it has sent over 13 000 Finnish students abroad and received nearly 4 000 foreign YFU students. The team is very helpful so don’t hesitate to contact them with your questions.

Do you want to be an exchange student in Finland?

Education is Finland is very important and the educational system has beYFU Finland - students travel to Lappland en rated as one of the best in the world in the PISA studies for years. Schools are free of charge and they offer free lunch for all students. However, school materials and transportation is paid by each student. The high school system is divided into:

  • upper secondary school
  • vocational school

Each of the programmes has obligatory and optional courses on the basis of each student’s interest. Finnish school subjects include science, languages, Finnish language and literature, social studies, sports, music and arts. High school starts mid-August and ends in the beginning of June. As an exchange student, you can attend either one academic year programme (11 months), one semester (six months), a summer programme in Finland (7 weeks) or a scholarship program for American students.

About Finland

Finland is a country in Northern Europe and has a population of just over five million, 60 % of whom live in urban areas. The Finns are a hard working, honest and well educated people. They are easy-going and hospitable and families are close-knit. Children are expected to help with the chores and are allowed quite a lot of freedom which transforms them into independent and responsible young adults. In their free time, they do lots of sports and hang out with friends to the movies, cafes or excursions in the nature. There are so many things to be discovered in this beautiful country like the midnight sun during the summer months to Aurora Borealis and the land of Santa Claus.YFU Finland - Exchange students skiing

Did you know?

  • For 5 million inhabitants there are over 2 million saunas in Finland. They love their saunas!
  • There are no public payphones in Finland
  • Finland is called the land of midnight sun. In the north of the country, in the months of June and July, the sun shines all day and all night, not dropping below the horizon.

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