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The educational system is very diverse with four areas of specialisations: standard, academic, art or vocational and with subjects like languages, science, social sciences and also sports, art, fashion or tourism. The system is also organised in two sectors:

  • private (mostly catholic)
  • public (state owned)YFU Flanders  - Host family and exchange student

Education is free in both of these systems and the curriculum is the same, however there are school costs that vary from school to school. All the exchange programmes are available for high school students and they all start mid-August and end - by choice:

  • end of November (three months programme)
  • end of December (four months programme)
  • end of June of the next calendar year (one year programme).

For more information about studying abroad in Belgium Flanders visit the YFU Flanders website or contact boudewijn@yfu.be.

About Belgium

The Kingdom of Belgium is a country in Western Europe with a population of 11 million people. Even though the country is rather small, it can offer so much when it comes to food, drinks, fun activities and diverse culture. For example, in Belgium there are 3 official languages: Dutch, French and German and 3 regions: Flemish, Walloon and Brussels-Capital - each with its own government. It can get administratively complicated, but the fries, waffles and chocolate are good in any part of the country. And in order to experience the culture of each region or better said each language, there are different exchange programmes for the Flemish and Walloon regions.YFU Flanders - Exchange student at the Atomium


Flemish Region or simply referred to as Flanders is one of the three regions of Belgium. Flanders is situated in the northern part of the country and its inhabitants speak Flemish which is essentially Dutch with a different accent. Family and extended family is very important for Belgians and they are very close and usually spend Sundays together. The weekend is the time for relaxation and fun activities like going on day trips to the seaside, Ardennes or other spectacular cities (since the country is so small and the train tickets so cheap), visiting grandparents or hanging out with friends.

Did you know?

  • Brussels is the second multicultural center after New York, with around 120 international governmental organisations, 1,400 no-governmental organisations and 181 embassies employing 3,000 diplomats.
  • The Brussels International Airport is the world's largest chocolate selling point.
  • Europe's first casino was opened in 1763 in Spa, Belgium.
  • There are actually 3 types of Belgian waffles including the common Liege waffles, rectangular Brussels waffles and thinner breakfast galettes.

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