YFU Greece

YFU Greece

YFU Greece offers different types of programmes for exchange students:

  • Summer programme which lasts for five weeks and where you will have different activities and trips to visit Greece.
  • Winter programme
  • Intercultural exchange programme

About Greece

The Hellenic Republic is among the most visited countries in the world,YFU Greece - Exchange student scenery with great interests and diverse cultures. The 10 million Greeks are particularly proud of their culture and speak of their country with an intense passion. The Greek music is diverse with influences of the Eastern and Western culture and the cuisine is world famous for the amazing taste of its food and wines. Greeks like to spend time with family and friends and going out for a coffee is a special habitude, a strong part of their culture. If you want to have a fun and lay back experience you can apply for a summer programme but for an in dept understanding of the Greek culture an exchange year programme is best suited for you!

Did you know?

  • Greece’s capital, Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world.
  • Greece has more archaeological museums than any other country in the world.
  • Thousands of English words come from the Greek language, sometimes via the Roman adaptation into Latin and then to English. Common English words from Greek include “academy,” “apology,” “marathon,” “siren,” “alphabet,” and “typhoon.”

Studying in Greece

Secondary education consists of two parallel cycles: The Compulsory Secondary Education for pupils aged 12 to 15 years and Post-compulsory Secondary Education which is divided into:

  • Lyceum with emphasis on general education and the ability to transfer to higher level of the education system.
  • Technical vocational schools with the objective to provide both geYFU Greece - Exchange student with traditional clothingneral education and specialist technical and vocational skills to prepare pupils for the labour market.

The academic year starts on mid September and ends on mid June. The lessons end in the second week of May so that the students will be able to study for their examinations between May and June.

Find out more about the possibility of studying in Greece by contacting the YFU Greece. Learn new things about yourself and about the Greek culture and language by spending an exchange year with YFU Greece.

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