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YFU Hungary

YFU Hungary was created in 1997 as a non-profit organization with eYFU Hungary - Group of exchange studentsxpertise in the fields of education and training, skill development, dissemination of knowledge and charitable work. During the existence of YFU Hungary, around 1,100 Hungarian students lived and studied abroad and about 300 foreign students spent an exchange year in Hungary. YFU Hungary has offices in Budapest and in other parts of the country, where regional volunteers represent the association.

Do you want to be an exchange student in Hungary?

The secondary school provides general knowledge with subjects like sciences, literature and languages. These subjects cannot be chosen by the exchange student as the schedule is given by the state. However, there are many extracurricular activities that high schools offer like sports, art or drama. School starts on 1st September and end mid June with three holidays in autumn, Christmas and Easter. Besides the one year programme in a general high school, YFU Hungary also offers one year music programme at one of their prestigious professional music high school, one year programme in the catering school where students will attend the theoretical subjects and practical training in a restaurant and a summer programme of 6 weeks where students will get to experience the Hungarian life, the traditions and also attend a summer camp with their host family and other students.

About Hungary

Located in the heart of Europe, Hungary has a rich history, culture and traditions that had developed every aspect of everyday life from food, music to clothing. About 10 million Hungarians love their spa treatments and also fishing, hiking, skiing or cycling which are the most attractive and fun activities you could do too! Food plays an important part in the life of the Hungarians. They love delicious, caloric and full plates of food from their traditional cuisine which is based mainly on meat and lots of sweets. Family is stable and very close as they enjoy talking to each other and spending time together. During meals and SuYFU Hungary - Exchange student in local sceneryndays are the perfect time to catch up and talk about the everyday life.

Did you know

  • The Rubik cube was invented by a Hungarian engineer, Ernő Rubik.
  • There are approximately 500 places in the country where thermal water occurs.
  • As of 2007, 13 Hungarians had received a Nobel prize.

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