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YFU Latvia

YFU Latvian office has been operating since 1991 as a non-governmental, which relies heavily on voluntary involvement. First secondary school exchange took place between Latvia aYFU Latvia - Student with host family at the marketnd Norway. In the first year of operation, YFU Latvia hosted 7 exchange students from Norway. Currently, YFU Latvia offers the opportunity to choose from more than 25 world countries and either annual, semester or summer programmes. Also, every year, YFU Latvia welcomes exchange students from different countries who want to get to know our land, our culture, traditions and learn the Latvian or Russian.

Do you want to study in Latvia?

Education in Latvia is free and compulsory until the age of 15 or through the completion of primary school. The academic year lasts from the beginning of September through to the end of May. General upper secondary education includes studies of at least 12 subjects, of which 5 (Latvian language and literature, mathematics, foreign language, history, physical education) are compulsory. No less than seven elective subjects are chosen out of the following: physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and information technology, economic geography, basics of business, technical drawing, visual arts, housekeeping, second and third foreign language; human, nature and society; music, history of culture, history of religion, amateur performances; or other subjects proposed by the school and approved by the Ministry of Education and Science.

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About Latvia

The Republic of Latvia is a country in the Baltic region, in the North of Europe. Riga, the capital city was the European Capital of Culture in 2014. The official language is Latvian and is spoken by almost two million Latvians. Latvia is multicultural, with a large Russian population due to its Soviet history. The country is filled with pristine forests, medieval castles, rustic villages and sandy beaches. The family is still the center of the social structure and provides both emotional and financial support to its members. Even in urban areas it is common for generations of extended family to live together in the same apartment.

Did you know?YFU Latvia - Student and host family playing music

  • The most popular sport is ice hockey. Basketball is big, too.
  • 44% of the territory is forested, perhaps partially due to its relatively low population density compared to other countries in Europe.
  • Ever wonder who inspired Crocodile Dundee? A Latvian. Arvīds Blūmentāls, from Dundaga, Latvia, allegedly killed 10,000 crocodiles.
  • The longest day in Latvia runs to over 17+ hours of sunlight.

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