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YFU Slovakia is a non-profit volunteer organization that belongs to a large international of Youth for Understanding network, consisting of organisations in 50 countries worldwide. YFU Slovakia was founded in 2005 with the help of YFU Germany. YFU Slovakia is composed mainly of volunteers and their willingness to work on the ideas they believe in. Volunteers include the YFU organisations, but also the host families and tutors and without their support, YFU Slovakia could not work.

Do you want to study in Slovakia?

Education in Slovakia consists of a free education system based on 10 years of compulsory school attendance for students with ages from 6 to 16. After primary school graduation students continue their study at secondary schools on which they were accepted based on study results or entrance tests. Secondary schools last for 4 years from the age of 16 to the age of 19. There are two types of secondary schools:

  • general education (non-vocational) that prepares students for higher education
  • various vocational and professional schools.

As an exchange student, you will probably attend a general education high school. For all the information you need, contact YFU Slovakia. Come for an exchange year in Slovakia and enjoy this peaceful Central European country with historic towns and beautiful scenery and hospitable people.

About Slovakia

The official name of Slovakia is the Slovak Republic with the capital at Bratislava, which is also the largest city in the country. From 1945 Slovakia was part of Czechoslovakia but on 1st January 1993, the country split into 2 independent countries with two parYFU Slovakia- Exchange students at christmasliamentary democratic republics, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The official language is Slovak and is spoken by more than 6 million people. The Slovak stunning landscape is noted primarily for its mountainous nature, with the Carpathian Mountains extending across most of the northern half of the country. Slovakia has more than 1,160 registered mineral and thermal springs and several of the better-known spas are visited every year by people from many countries. The family is the centre of the social structure and together with close friends forms the basis of financial and emotional support. Slovaks value their privacy but once you develop a personal relationship they will start to open up.

Did you know?

  • Even though it is such a tiny country, Slovakia has a whopping 300 castles.
  • The tennis champion, Martina Hingis was born in 1980 in Slovakia. Her father was Slovakian and her mother was Czech.
  • There are numerous churches here that are made completely of wood. Most don’t have a single nail in them.

Contact information

YFU Slovakia

Address: Karpatská 7,
811 05 Bratislava,

Tel: +421 252 49 29 53
Mob: +421 918 521 589
E-mail: info@yfu.sk