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YFU Sweden

Youth for Understanding Sweden was officially founded in 1961, when the first 18 Swedish youngsters were sent to the US to spend an exchange year. In the lYFU Sweden - Exchange student with host familyate 70s, the students studying abroad had increased to 340, all of whom spent their year in the United States. In the early 80s, YFU Sweden expanded its programs leading to a broadening cooperation between YFU countries, which grow each year. YFU Sweden collaborates with 26 countries across five continents. The first time when YFU Sweden accommodated exchange students was in 1965 when American youths came for a six weeks summer program and spent their accommodation with host families. Until 1982, there were only young Americans who came to live in Sweden, but as the number of YFU organizations grew, countries sent more of their exchange students to Sweden.

Do you want to be an exchange student in Sweden?

In Sweden, education is free of charge for children of 6 to 19 years old. The academic year lasts from mid/late August to early/mid June. Education system for high schools in Sweden is divided into two general categories: preparatory and vocational programmes. YFU Sweden offers three different types of exchange programmes:

  • social science with subjects like history, religion and languages
  • natural science with subjects like biology, physics and chemistry
  • art program where students can choose to focus on visual arts, music or dance.

About Sweden 

The Kingdom of Sweden is a country in Northern Europe known for its concepts YFU Sweden - Exchange student in local sceneryof openness and equality. The geographic location makes Sweden cold and dark during the winter months but moderately warm with long hours of daylight during summer. Forests cover more than half of the country where you can find almost 10,000 lakes and a large population of moose. The country has 10 million inhabitants of which 85 % of them live in cities across the country. The Swedes are living a very green life with almost 50% of the energy production coming from hydro power. In Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, food waste is collected every month and transformed into biogas for buses and taxis. Swedes are outdoorsy no matter the rain or winter blizzard. Families in Sweden are small and nuclear. Young people are brought up to be independent and trustworthy. As both parents work, the family meets every day for dinner when they get the chance to talk about the day and spend some time together. Also, everyone in the household helps with chores.

Did you know?

  • Swedes have longest life expectancy of all European countries.
  • The first ice hotel in the world was built in Sweden.
  • The Nobel Prize ceremonies are held in Sweden and Norway every year.
  • 89% of people in Sweden speak English.

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