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YFU Turkey
YFU Turkey was initiated in 2006 with the help and mentorship of YFU Denmark. The following year, exchange programmes have started. The office staff is being supported by international and local YFU volunteers. YFU Turkey has regional representatives in Adana and Istanbul.  Register for the exchange programme if you are eager to explore a new culture, learn new things and make new friends.YFU Turkey - Exchange Students

High School in Turkey

High school prepares students for higher education. It lasts for 4 years and depending on the subjects studied, it is divided into two:
• General education
• Vocational and technical education which include technical schools, vocational schools for commerce, hotel management and religious schools

 Also, there are different types of high schools:
• Anatolian High Schools where education is in a foreign language
• High Schools
• Science Schools
• Anatolian Teacher Training Schools
• Anatolian Fine Arts schools
• Multi-curriculum high schools

The education system is very academic centered and many of the students attend private courses or private schools in order to prepare for the national exams that will ensure a better education and a better future job. As a rule, high school students with ages between 15 and 18 year old wear uniforms that differ in terms of style or colours from school to school. The academic calendar generally begins in mid-September and extends through to mid-June.

Do you want to be an exchange student in Turkey?

As an exchange student, you will be placed in a high school that matches your age and studies you have completed in your home country. You will be placed in one of the following: General High Schools, Anatolian High Schools or Private High Schools - schools that YFU Turkey is cooperating with. The exchange students do not pay any tuition fee, but they have to pay for school transportation, school lunch, school uniforms and books regardless of the type of school they are placed in.

About TurkeyYFU Turkey - Exchange Students in local scenery

The Republic of Turkey is a transcontinental country with a diversified climate and landscape. It is the home of almost 80 million people with the capital at Ankara.  Turkish is a part of the Turkic-languages with influences from Arabic and European languages. YFU Turkey mostly places the students in Turkey’s biggest cities Ankara, İstanbul, Izmir or Adana, where YFU Turkey has its local representatives. The traditional Turkish family especially in the rural areas includes children, parents and grandparents, where the father earns enough money to support the family. In the urban areas, the family includes parents and children and most often both parents work for a living. The same reasoning applies to the culture in the cities which is much like in the western culture and the rural areas dominated by traditions.

Did you know?

•    Tulips were introduced to Europe by Turkish traders in the 16th century.
•    The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul has 64 street and 4,000 shops.
•    Turkey is geographically situated on two continents: 3% of the country in Europe while the remaining 97% is situated in Asia.

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