YES 2017 – “Think Free. Act Free. Be Free!”

Think Free. Act Free. Be Free!

“Think free. Act free. Be free!” is the topic of the YES 2017. This year we will focus on different aspects of freedom, such as but not limited to freedom of the press, speech, diversity, expression and assembly.

Freedom comes in many different forms, shapes and sizes. It offers us a variety of possibilities yet limits us where it restricts someone else’s freedom. Living in a world where our freedoms are constantly challenged and under pressure, where in some countries freedoms are curtailed and in others completely disregarded, we come together to discuss vital questions for our societies and especially for ourselves. What does it mean to be entitled to fundamental freedoms? Are we taking them for granted? Have we really explored all of the boundaries of our freedoms? What freedoms do we still have to fight for? How can we make use of our freedoms to tackle some of the global as well as European issues as young people?

The YES 2017 aims to give participants the chance to explore and (re)discover the possibilities they are given by the freedoms they possess. It encourages the students to make use of their unique experiences and insights to enable positive change around the globe.

5 tracks to choose from!

Every participant gets to chose an angle through which to approach the topic, by selecting their educational track of the YES. Each track will feature educational content exclusive to that track and include several workshops. The tracks of the YES 2017 are:

The Arts track  is all about freedom of expression in culture and arts.
The Organisation track will focus on the freedom of association and assembly – to be allowed to organise and meet in groups for a common purpose.
The Diversity Track is about the freedom and rights of different minorities and social groups.
The Speech Track focuses on the freedom of speech and the skills of public speaking.
The Media Track is about the freedom of media and its power.

Over 600 participants!

Over 500 students and over 100 volunteers will attend the YES 2017, making it the biggest European YFU-event of the year.

The YES 2017 will be held in Werbellinsee (Germany), form 26 June to 30 June 2017. It is organized by EEE-YFU together with YFU Estonia and YFU Sweden, with the in-country support of YFU Germany.

Through plenary sessions, a variety of educational sessions, as well as entertaining activities, the YES 2017 will give participants a unique opportunity to unleash their potential as global citizens.